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If you like them enough you can buy them in print in the glorious SkyJack and the Forty Thieves TPB. along with other classics as "Sweet sticky Strawberry Gum" or "The Ghost of Vengeances Past".
SkyJack Night One

Well, an origin of sorts. The inception of an idea an all that...
First sightings

Who is that new SkyJack fellow? A vigilante? A freelance thief? Well, he's all those things ... and much more!

And they'll call her... MegaLiz! 
Meet MegaLiz, the Bodacious Babe of Basalt! Is she a villain, is she a hero? Whatever she is lets no forget that she's the harbinger of the Armageddon too! And what the hey has SkyJack to do in all this mess?
Guest starring: Sundown!
The bite of the Bug-of-Fu! 
Can SkyJack defeat the mighty kung fu of the Mian-Jiu-Yuan temple?
Has he what it takes to face The Bug-of-Fight? What's for sure is that this one will end... WITH A BANG!
You've been warned.

Bubblegum Crisis at the Golden Age Club!
Part 1

Halloween Man
Smells Like Teen Spirit

Tomb of Captain Evil
part 1

Tomb of Captain Evil
part 2
My Bloody Valentine