Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Character bio: SkyJack (Baxter, Lee)

Lee Baxter is a dedicated police detective assigned to the infamous Zero Precinct, the police unit in charge of taking care of all matters related to the criminal activities of the Forty Thieves. Sadly for Lee and lucky to us, the Thieves have maintained for years a close control of the Precinct by means of greased politicians and selected crooked police officers who have helped to virtually make it inoperative.

Baxter's growing frustration with that state of affairs led him to create an escapist alter ego: SkyJack. Armed with a suit born from replicating elements from the old Precinct evidence room, SkyJack has managed in past months (and quite successfully) to disrupt the Thieves' operations and to create concern among their ranks.

SkyJack's success can be measured by the unprecedented decision of the Precinct high command of creating a SkyJack Task Force led by non other than detective Dora Sato, Lee's latest "now girlfriend, now ex-girlfriend".

The tensions between Dora and Lee caused by this assignment and the recent return to the city of Suzie Stomponatto, another of Lee's old flames, have proved to be a threat  more fearsome than any task force or thieves guild.

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