Thursday, November 11, 2010

Character bio: Mequinensa, Naomi

Naomi Mequinensa is the public servant in charge of the Zero Precinct evidence room. Her work there as a librarian consists in cataloguing and put into storage all the pieces of gear and equipment confiscated to arrested super thieves and evil doers. That makes her an expert on the vast and varied array of tech, weapons and gadgets used in the commission of crimes in The City. Isn't it sort of ironic that this... hippie and naturist is the keeper of one of the biggest armories you can imagine?

She has both an extensive knowledge of supervillain weaponry and homeopathic remedies but is just that first field of expertise what attracted the attention of Lee Baxter when gathering the resources that will help him in the creation of his SkyJack new self.

Baxter contacted her as SkyJack keeping thus his true identity secret but making her privy of his goals (fooling the Forty Thieves, bugging crooked police officers, yadda, yadda, yadda,...). Some "fight the power" attitude and .. ahem,... a small fee convinces Naomi to accept providing SkyJack with tech that he will replicate to execute his criminal operations.

And a small bit of trivia: Naomi Mequinensa is probably too the only woman at the precinct that has not had a relationship with Lee Baxter in the past.

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