Friday, February 18, 2011

"Samurai and dinosaurs" at the press!

Review time at the Interweb! A bunch of Samurai and dinosaurs reviews have hit the web this past days. All of them fairly positive.Behold!

"The best part is how well the story and the art go together. They gel like Lennon and McCartney, Batman and Robin, and Samurai and Dinosaurs. "
  • You can find the second one at Stumptown Trade Review. Read it here.
"Samurai and Dinosaurs lives up to the promise of its title.  Better yet, it actually exceeds it!  "
"I would like to see more stories in and around Oootoko Kakan, as it seems obvious that Murphy has spent a great deal of time building this world. Calvert’s colored cover is beautiful in its simplicity, and I'm looking forward to more work from him. "

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