Saturday, May 7, 2011

SkyJack and the Forty Thieves TPB

Written and Illustrated by Sergio Calvet Renedo

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 144

The SkyJack and the Forty Thieves TPB collects the five issues of the SkyJack and the Forty Thieves series, the promotional mini-comic The Unpredictable SkyJack and material from the SkyJack webcomic as well as almost 30 new previously unpublished pages.

The city lays at the feet of the Forty Thieves and policeman Lee Baxter is not happy with that. Someone should teach them and all that bunch of crocked police officers and bribed city officials in their payroll a lesson! Driven by frustration Lee Baxter creates SkyJack, an alternate persona to beat the thieves at their very own game, to become the greatest thief the city has ever known. And maybe with that he could try also to forget all that mess with his two ex-girlfriends...

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SkyJack and the Forty Thieves TPB TM and © Sergio Calvet Renedo. All rights reserved.

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