Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Something happened on the way to the cover for Halloween Man part 2.

A small commentary about the cover for Halloween Man vs The Terror part 2.

Initially, this cover, was intended to be the one for part 3 but as the one I did for part 2 was too spoilerish Drew decided to move this one to part 2.

Anyway. The idea of the "waves" around an empty figure came to me while watching Predators and I was very happy of how it ended looking in the paper (and, ahem, with me and how smart and original I'm sometimes).


I had not much trouble finding ideas for the first two covers I did but for the remaining two... things weren't that easy. It was difficult to find "invisible man motives" for the covers. And when googling "invisible man" looking for one...

This pic is by Amy Highton, it can be found here and damn! It looks like I'm not that brilliant and original as I thought! :-D

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