Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Magic of Myths" reviews

From the Magic of Myths blog and from the man Corey Brotherson himself...

We’ve been fortunate enough to have a couple reviews written about Magic of Myths: season one, both positive.
The first is over at, where the book gained 3 and a half stars out of 5. You can read the review here: Reviewer Jeb Delia said:
“For every clichéd post-Tolkien character or trope that we meet, Brotherson finds a way to skewer our expectations, or place a different twist on the expected… [and] Sergio Calvert’s cartoony work is a complete delight.”
The second review is at GeekPlanet Online, where editor and reviewer Dave Probert called Magic of Myths: season one:
“A fun, enjoyable book that will leave you wanting more.”
You can read the whole thing here:
Thanks to both Jeb and Dave for their time and kind words. And if you want to review Magic of Myths: season one or have read it and want to tell us what you think, feel free to get in touch.
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Additionally, illustrating this post, you can also see up there at left, Eve's new look for the new Magic of Myths season (coming this summer).

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