Friday, June 7, 2013

Pre-order Magic of Myths: season two here

By pre-ordering the book, you’ll receive a LIMITED EDITION copy of Magic of Myths: season two, delivered to you for launch day on 26th July 2013.
This consists of:
  • The main story (67 pages, across four chapters – that’s over twice the story material of season one) and the following extras:
  • A special, limited edition cover (of which you can see an early version above)
  • Seven pin-ups (with some of the artwork you’ve seen on this very site) by Magic of Myths artist, Sergio Calvet
  • A sketchbook section
  • The full script to Issue three (which is the big turning point) of season two, along with commentary from the creative team
  • A free digital version of the book
Read an eight-page sample of Magic of Myths: season two right here

New to Magic of Myths and want season one as well?
Get all the above AND season one for just £15 (this price includes P&P)
Once we stop taking pre-orders on 1st July 2013, the Limited Edition of the book will NO LONGER BE IN PRINT. You’ll still be able to buy Magic of Myths: season two after that, but it’ll be the regular edition *without* the above extras.

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