Monday, November 25, 2013

More "Magic of Myths" reviews

Magic of Myths Season 2 is beginning to get some attention. A couple of new reviews, one good, the other one of the mixed kind (although both of them give almost the same note in the end).

"Calvet’s art is, if anything, even stronger this time out (...); it’s closer to a more kid-friendly version of something like 300, but even in his cartoony style, he brings intensity to the combat, and punctuates Eve’s story beats with wit and pathos, as called for."

(You'll have to scroll down a bit to read it):

"[The art] It’s cartoony and the bubblegum style feels more suited to Cartoon Network than anything else to my eyes. It lacks the visceral quality I look for, particularly in combat driven sequences. That said though, I must stress that this is very much just my artistic preferences coming to the fore. Calvet’s art is well drawn and thought out, as is Brotherson’s writing."


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