Monday, June 7, 2010

Character bio: Sato, Dora

What's up with Dora Sato? What's up with all those meetings with misterious costumed criminals? Obvious choice would be to say that she's a crooked cop. Or is she something else?

Dora Sato is one of the ex-girlfriends of his now partner Lee Baxter (secret identity of corrupt policemen hater SkyJack) and keeps a strong rivalry for Lee's attention with his other supposed to be ex-girlfriend, Suzie Stomponatto.

Dora is an outstanding police officer and a later assigment to the Zero Precinct, the unit created years ago to pursue the infamous Forty Thieves. Her rise in the Precinct  has been meteoric and she's been recently appointed to lead the newly formed SkyJack Task Force. There's a lot of pressure for her to take down SkyJack both from inside and from outside of the department.

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